We have a very special relationship with the world: as a company, we not only use its resources, but also take our inspiration from the wonderful diversity of this planet and its inhabitants.

Inspired by the world

Our interest in different cultures and longing to travel the whole world is shared by our employees and our customers alike. Inspired by the colours, patterns, impressions and rituals of other countries, our products bring the wide world home.

Authentic products & supply chain

Behind every product is a unique story and in particular the people who designed it with passion. We love what we do and communicate transparently. We share with our employees and customers our desire to reach out to the whole wide world.

Responsibility for people and nature

Thanks to the close exchange with our suppliers all over the world and the insights we get from our work far away from the tourist areas, we are very aware of our responsibility regarding our fellow human beings and our environment. We treat the resources of our planet as carefully as possible and ensure fair working conditions for all involved.


It should stay colorful.
And fair as well.

In the past, TRANQUILLO was a small store in Dresden's Neustadt, where you could find cheerful little things from all over the world, colourful fleece jackets and long velvet dresses. In addition, you could search for uncommon pieces, which were waiting on the clothes rail for their new owner. TRANQUILLO has always been the place to find special fashion and all kinds of little things to give to your loved ones. Whoever came near the store could already smell it from a distance, because of the countless incense sticks in the front area of the store, making you feel like in an oriental bazaar.

It was beautiful! But from time to time it had to be different. It should remain colorful and fair. But maybe one day one could even produce one's own clothes fairly from ecologically sensible materials? These thoughts are what motivated Christian Amthor and Michael Kremer, who have been running TRANQUILLO together since 2002. Both of them could hardly be more different, but they were united by their enthusiasm to bring forward new ideas - and both of them often look at "the things that have always been this way" with a twinkle in their eyes. If Christian and Micha have set their minds on something, the goal is fixed - the path, on the other hand, can be colorfully designed - just the TRANQUILLO way.

Tranquillo in the world

"We are proud that over the years we have succeeded in taking a long-term approach and establishing a trust-based cooperation. We enjoy the great feedback from our customers and hope that we can continue to move towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle together."

C. Amthor, M. Kremer

With Tranquillo on the road.

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